Taking a short, not-really-a-break break!
Posted March 27, 2020 at 4:47 pm

Hey y'all! If you've been following me on patreon, you know I've had a lot of recent setbacks involving my physical and mental health, and recently, well, the world's been burning. I'm doing okay health-wise for a change, but between having the flu for a month, a sinus infection, various bugs, and recently having to provide 24-7 hospice care to a pet that's since passed, I've fallen pretty far behind! I need a little time to catch up on work and finish the next set of pages, so in the meantime I'll be posting some compilations of how I designed the characters and the world of the Weave! (Also, some kissing. I would never leave you hanging on that.) I know it's not ideal, but I really hope you all enjoy it!

If you'd like to help support me while I catch up, you can check out my patreon, my ko-fi, my Hivemill store, my Teepublic, or even pick up some new merch I made for an upcoming con that was cancelled! (I'll have a link for that soon!) 

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoy this short change of pace!