New Website Recap!!!!

<p>So!! What's new? </p><p>First and foremost, regular updates are resuming! I paused for a while so that I could build up a buffer on <a href=";&gt;Patreon&lt;/a&gt; and I'm currently 11 pages ahead, which is pretty darn good! </p><p>The tumblr page I've been hosting the Weave on until now is going to become an update and news feed. All pages will be hosted directly the website, and I'm looking into other mirroring options like Tapastic. The tumblr page has served me pretty well, but it's clunky and outdated and it's time to move on! We now have an <a href=";&gt;RSS&lt;/a&gt; feed too, so you can get updates however you like, through the <a href=";&gt;tumblr,&lt;/a&gt; my <a href=";&gt;twitter,&lt;/a&gt; or your favorite RSS reader! </p><p>Thank you so much for reading and for all your support! Let's make 2017 suck a little less!</p><p></p><div style="text-align: center"> <img src="; alt="Support the artist!" /> <p><a href=";&gt;&lt;img src="; alt="Teepublic" /></a> <a href=";&gt;&lt;img src="; alt="Welovefine" /></a> <a href=";&gt;&lt;img src="; alt="Etsy" /></a></p></div>

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